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john richmond


john richmond capri saverio moschillo


John Richmond was born in Manchester but moved soon to London, where he finished his studies at Kingston University in 1982. He started his career from a self-named collection that immediately gained him a reputation as the main exponent of British avant-garde. In 1987 John diversified his offers with two different branches: the pret à porter collection, "Richmond X", and the denim collection, "Richmond Denim".

In 1995 he gets in touch again with the Italian businessman Saverio Moschillo, whom he met ten years earlier in London, and they finally start working together, building a professional union that will assure them an international success like they have never seen before. The collaboration represents also the birth of a mutual understanding and has eventually lead to a deep and meaningful friendship. Saverio Moschillo, strictly believing in John Richmond's work and talent, became his partner and started to manifacture John's collections inside Falber factory in Forlì. John

Richmond and RICHMOND items are entirely Made in Italy, and distributed through Moschillo's efficient showrooms network, located in all the most important and prestigious location in Italy and abroad: Milan, Naples, Rome, Paris, Monaco, Düsseldorf, London and New York. The continuous investments, the development of the distribution, an effective communication strategy, a proficient production, a competent team and, last but not least, the great encounter of minds between partners are the ingredients that helped the brand growing up constantly in these last years.


john richmond capri saverio moschillo