Capri Restaurant Beach- Wedding in Capri Island




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Located in a truly enchanting spot, in the picturesque bay of Marina Piccola opposite the legendary Faraglioni, lies our magnificent bathing area, an oasis of relaxation and tranquillity embraced by the sea. Thanks to its unique rock formation, the 'Scoglio delle Sirene' is the only beach resort situated on the rocks which extends into the sea and benefits from a pleasant sea breeze, even during the hottest and muggiest of days.

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Steeped in a delightful setting, comfortably sitting on our terrace with a splendid view of the bay of Marina Piccola, you'll rediscover the flavours of traditional recipies from the Caprese kitchen, such as the famous ravioli Capresi and excellent fresh pasta, faithfully homemade. You'll also come to appreciate the authenticity of the timeless seafarer's menu, and, just as Ulysses was, you also will be beguiled by the captivating charm of this magnificent legendary location.


The 'Scoglio Delle Sirene' is a most charming and ideal location for events and ceremonies. Due to its seclusion from prying eyes and the evening atmosphere created by the sea, star-filled sky and silver moonlight shimmering on the Faraglioni rocks, this place takes on an inimitable splendour.

Marco Fiore, the owner of the beach club, along with Capri Catering Promotion of Renatino and Luigi De Gregorio, would be delighted to arrange all aspects of the event you are planning, from the choice of menu to the wine list, from the different types of table cloths, preparations and decorations.